Programme: Gaetano Veneziano – Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Secundum Johannem (revised by Antonio Florio)

 Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi
 Iesus itaque sciens omnia
 Mitte gladium tuum in vaginam
 Stabant autem servi et ministri
 Si male locutus sum
 Quam accusationem affertis
 Et dabant ei alapas
 Non haberes potestatem
 Ut Scriptura impleretur, dicens
Polish premiere
 Very few scores of Passions penned by Italian composers are known of the age before the celebrated masterworks of Johann Sebastian Bach. Among the few, only the Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi secundum Joannem set by Alessandro Scarlatti has been performed until our times. It is considered by scholars as composer’s early work written in Rome around 1680. For several reasons, Cappella Neapolitana and its srtistic director believe Scarlatti’s Passio was written in Naples after his transfer to the town in 1683. One of the aforementioned reasons is another score based also on the Gospel of St. John composed by Gaetano Veneziano before the end of the 17th century. The similarities between the two scores are remarkable, however, in some aspects the latter offers a more elaborated harmonic and contrapuntal structure, in the style of local tradition inaugurated by Francesco Provenzale, the teacher of Veneziano. Until recently, only one manuscript score of Veneziano’s work has been known: an undated one in the collection of at the Oratorio dei Girolamini in Naples. Lately, a new source has appeared, bearing the date of 1701, however, this could be the indication of the year of a performance, not the date of the composition. In any case, Antonio Florio and his ensemble made a precious rediscovery of a real masterpiece, which also promotes its composer – Gaetano Veneziano, one of the eminent Italian masters of his age.
Testo: Dalma Krajnyak – alto
Christo: Luca Cervoni – tenor
Pilato: Marco Bussi – bass
Chór Polskiego Radia – choir
Cappella Neapolitana – ensemble Antonio Florio – conductor Krakow Festival Office 2019 Created by Openform